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Jacob Wiens Elementary School

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Mrs. Monita Perez » Class Information

Class Information

Daily Schedule:
7:35-7:50 Open Classroom/Morning Work/Attendence
7:50-8:30 Walk to Learn
8:30-9:15 Math
9:15-9:55 P.E. (Mon., Tue., Thurs.) Library (Wed.)
9:55-10:15 Recess
10:15-10:45 Math Continued
10:45-12:12 Language Arts, R.C.D., Computers
12:12-12:53 Lunch
12:53-1:55 R.C.D., S.S., Science
1:55-2:01 Pack-up/Dismissal

School Wide Rules:
1. Be Safe
2. Be Respectful
3. Be Responsible

Classroom Rules:
1.Follow directions quickly
2.Raise you hand for permission to speak
3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat
4. Make smart choices
5. Keep your dear teacher happy