Faculty Focus Friday Employee for Elementary Schools

Mrs. Candyce Lewis is the Faculty Focus Friday employee for elementary schools. Mrs. Lewis is the amazing school counselor at Jacob Wiens Elementary School. She truly believes that there is no better feeling than having a positive impact on a child. She understands that growing up can be tough, and school and what lies beyond can feel like a maze. Mrs. Lewis is an advocate for students and addresses their academic and social/emotional development and college and career readiness needs. To further engage students, Mrs. Lewis also works with several programs to help create a "connectedness culture" at Jacob Wiens Elementary. Mrs. Lewis provides students with Mindfulness sessions during their lunch, meets regularly with our crowned empowerment youth (Black Butterflies and Man Up), and leads our Peace Patrol, a student group.  She is a school counselor who has the best interest of the students at the heart of everything she does and we are honored to recognize her contributions to the Jacob Wiens community.